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SWA Journey: Year Round Package

SWA Journey

Welcome to The Journey! It is our great pleasure to provide this opportunity to the wrestlers of Northern Virginia. Before proceeding, we feel it is necessary to preface the following information with a “filter.” The Journey is for wrestlers and sport parents who are extremely dedicated to the sport of wrestling in pursuit of high levels of achievement.

We created The Journey for wrestlers and sport parents who want professional, high level, year round management of the wrestler’s career that is proven to create success. It is important to note that our “year round” training has built-in breaks from wrestling that replaces it with other types of training. This is VERY IMPORTANT to prevent psychological burnout and keep wrestlers adapting and progressing in the sport. It also preserves the wrestler’s relationship with the the sport….and the sport parents.

Features & Info

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  • LIMITED TO 8 WRESTLERS!!! (will train with all others on rosters of below programs)
  • Training taking place in state of the art facilities (Top of the Podium & Tru = Strength)
  • 12 Week Competitive Spring Wrestling (March 2 – May 24)
  • 13 Week Spring Strength Training (March 3 – May 31)
  • June Competitive Wrestling (Month of June)
  • 8 Week Summer Strength Training (June 1 – Aug 1)
  • Summer Hill of Champions (extreme conditioning) (July 7 – Aug 15)
  • 12 Week Competitive Fall Wrestling  (Aug 3 – Oct 23)
  • 12 Week Fall Strength Training (Aug 3 – Oct 25)
  • 12 Week In-Season Wrestling 1x per week (supplementary to high school season) (Nov 26 – Feb 18)
  • 15 Week In-Season Individualized Strength Maintenance training sheets (given to each wrestler to follow during season)
  • 6 Personal Film Reviews
  • Gear Package
  • Wrestler Profile

“The Unit” is the most important factor to young wrestlers’ achievement. “The Unit” consists of 3 parts: The Athlete, The Sport Parent, and The Coach. The Scanlan Wrestling Academy places a high emphasis on EVERY part of of The Unit training for constant improvement.

In amateur sports, especially pre-collegiate, the level of cohesion within, and the individual performance of each part of “The Unit” can result in one of two scenarios.

1) The wrestler will be propelled relentlessly towards success


2) The wrestler will be led to imminent failure with poor relationships built within The Unit

The training we provide for our wrestlers is very tangible. Practice, lifting, competitions, film analysis and the list goes on. However in order to achieve the highest levels of success, the Sport Parent must also be training and working to get better every day! We provide support, training tactics, and Sport Parent Challenges via email regularly. The Sport Parent has the most difficult job of us all, which means we have to take extra measures to train for high performance in this part of The Unit.

What about the coaches? We are constantly gathering data on our coaching staff, and coaching tactics to produce the greatest training effect. We schedule bi-annual fully immersed trips with one of the best coaches in the country, Kevin Dresser (Iowa State University Head Coach), to shadow, learn, and continue our training and education.

As long as all three parts of The Unit are individually training for improvement, working cohesively, and performing at a high level, the true greatness of each wrestler’s career will be developed and produced!

Please keep in mind that we are not “guessing” at anything that we do. We have created a formula for success that we’ve implimented for years even on some of the least talented wrestlers we’ve ever seen, and still produced state championships. Plain and simple, THE FORMULA WORKS. We are constantly improving that formula by gathering data every year, every training cycle, and every day in an effort to get better and provide the best training possible to our Wrestlers and Sport Parents.

I will never get tired of mentioning this but in order for the Scanlan Wrestling Academy forumla to work, we need all 3 parts of The Unit in cohesion! We are not just responsible for training the Wrestlers, but the Sport Parents too!

We would love to welcome you on The Journey!

The culture of training expectations requires all parts of The Unit to be firing on all cylinders. Our culture of success includes the following:


Blinders. The harder the goal, the more focus it requires. Limit distractions that don’t get you closer to the goal.


NEVER making any excuses. Anytime something doesn’t go favorably, this means always looking introspectively and figuring out changes that can be made within to get better.


This is important within all 3 parts of The Unit, however MOST important for the wrestler. Knowing that they are driving their career and OWN every part of it is essential to long term success and a great relationship with the Sport Parents and Coaches.

These things are very important to our program for many reasons. They are not only important for the success of the wrestling career, but more importantly, we want our wrestlers to burn these habits into their character to build a lifetime of success.

Turning these values into intrinsic habits at a young age will ensure achievement at the highest levels regardless of the field of operation. We just use wrestling as the vehicle to teach young people how to achieve. We believe this to be the greatest skill to carry into the adult world that they will be entering much sooner than later!

One of the most valuable and important parts of the Scanlan Wrestling Academy is our proprietary Wrestler Profile. This tool provides huge value to both our coaching staff and our wrestlers.

For our coaches, it makes it possible to individualize each training session with 30+ athletes. As we progress into the curriculum, we begin to cultivate greater ownership into our wrestlers, and with that comes the ability to execute individualized training drills as a part of the training session as our coaches make adjustments as needed.

For our wrestlers, the Wrestler Profile gives them the ability to truly begin to take ownership of their wrestling career with the guidance of our coaches. It will educate them on where they are strongest and where they need the most improvement, with specific corrective drill assignments.

The Personal Film Reviews (6 included) will REALLY help us to sharpen the Wrestler Profile  and iron out the tiniest details and adjustments that need to be made. These two go hand in hand.

This is also the place where short term and long term goals are set. Without goals, human beings will wander about with no direction and no work ethic. As a member of our team, both on and off the mat, this will never be acceptable.

Wrestlers must know exactly what they are great at, and exactly what skills that they need to sharpen. The Wrestler Profile provides this and more.

Take the Journey with us! This program, if added up, provides over $4600 worth of training value! Cost for commitment is $3499. Financing is available.

See you on the mat!!!!


The cost for this package is $3499. We offer several options for financing. If you’d like to do monthly financing, we ask for a 25% downpayment. You may choose this option in the registration form below, or pay in full.

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Training Programs

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Learn about our 3 separate curricula, when they run, and the objectives of each.

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Total management of your entire year of training. FOR SERIOUS WRESTLERS ONLY.

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By far one of the most valuable training tools that we offer. Pro level technical analysis.

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