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Private Film Analysis Tool

Have you ever had an opponent that you haven’t been able to edge out? A rival that just seems to have your number? Or in your quest for greatness, do you have someone that you need to increase your victory margin over to put the “nail in the coffin?” Good. You’ve come to the right place.
No matter how good you are or how good you need to be, every single wrestler will benefit from analyzing film. At SWA we’ve taken the decades spent in this sport and created the most professional and effective formula for film analysis that you will ever have access to. The wrestler’s who use this tool make immediate improvements and are given things to walk away with that they will have forever.

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“The Scanlan Wrestling Academy Film Analysis Tool was a large contributor not only to both of our sons’ state championships, but to their wrestling development altogether. This is by far one of the most professional ways to analyze performance and improve. The detailed manner in which it is presented is absolutely priceless.”
-Gabby DePasquale, Mom of Zak and Cole DePasquale (1x & 2x State Champs)

Here’s how it works…

Send In
Your Film

Meet With
Your SWA Coach

Discussion & Execute Your Correction

Access To The Film Review Document

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  • Send in your film. Our experts will gather data, and complete a film analysis document that will outline all of the relevant information that we will need to go over.
  • Meet with your SWA coach. We will discuss the film analysis document, and make sure that the wrestler understands all areas of study. It is very important that the wrestler knows what was done right, wrong, and where we are going as a result of those things.
  • After discussion, we will get on the mat. You will execute your correction drill assignments for your coach’s critique. When it’s done correctly, we will video document for the wrestler’s reference.
  • Each wrestler will walk away with access to the Film Review Document, all necessary film clips, and their corrective drill assignments. If Film Analysis sessions are done with matches in chronological order, previous assignments may be altered due to current performance data.

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Just like everything else we do at Scanlan Wrestling Academy, what’s more important than the IMMEDIATE improvement to the wrestler’s performance is the subconscious lesson we aim to teach with everything that we do.

When a person does not achieve the outcome that they wanted (in this case, match performance), it is critical to gather data and understand why. Doing nothing is unacceptable both in wrestling and in life.

In order to achieve great things we must acknowledge falling short, analyze why it happened, take appropriate steps to fixing those things, and come back stronger to dominate the next competition.