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K-8 Strength Training



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Spring Wrestling Program

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Features & Info
  • Roster limited to 20 wrestlers
  • Dates: March 17 – June 4
  • 2x per week: Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 7:15 PM
  • Additional at home strength sheets given for other days
  • Focused on gymnastic strength with supplemental resistance training

Summer Strength Program

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Features & Info

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Fall Strength Program

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Features & Info

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Winter Strength Program

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Features & Info

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Register Now! Please select the sibling discounted option for the second and third siblings only. Also, please reach out and ask about our team commitment discounts!

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The full cost of this training cycle is $629, unless you attend one of our partnered high school (contact for details on this). Please don’t wait, we are limited to 50 spots on roster and we have to turn away families every year. If you have any questions please call us at 571-209-8105 or email at dan@scanlanwrestling.com.

Youth / Middle (K-8) Wrestling Program

People About Us

Wonderful program. If you are serious about improving as a wrestler, this is the place to go. I had two wrestlers that improved 100%, they didn’t even look like the same wrestlers. It teaches so much about discipline and dedication. Amazing program, and on the plus side my one wrestler lost almost 40 pounds with the help and encouragement of Dan and The Professor. It was tough, but both my wrestlers will be going back again.

Robin Beasley

Amazing program! My son has become a better wrestler 100%. Dan’s training goes beyond just wrestling and conditioning. He shows each kid how to take responsibility for their own actions. Honestly wish I would’ve enrolled my son in his program earlier.

Lynda Phuyo

For those who take wrestling seriously, making the choice to train with Dan is the only way to go. With discipline and hard work personifying his program, Dan’s focus on conditioning and effective technique enables his wrestlers to perform at their best on the competition mat.

Karen TerHaar

This is the best training around for beginners to very high level advanced wrestler’s. Coach Scanlan knows wrestling and what it takes to reach the highest levels in the sport. He can take wrestler’s of every level and make them better on the mat and off the mat as well.
This program is the best around for any wrestler who wants to improve and be the best they can be. If you want to be a State Champion and or wrestler in college, or just improve your skills to the highest level, this program is where you want to be. Thank you Coach Scanlan for making this program possible!

Jack Creamer

Over the five years that my sons, Zak and Cole, have trained with Dan Scanlan, they have completely transformed into confident, extremely fit young men.  Right from the beginning, everything clicked.  They loved the intensity Dan brought to training and worked hard to meet his goals.  In no time they had mastered proper technique and were getting better at an amazing rate.  It was a perfect match.

Gabby Depasquale

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