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Wrestling Training


Wrestling Training

Welcome to Scanlan Wrestling Academy’s K-8 wrestling and personal development program! This is a CRITICAL time to be developing the habits, instincts, and mindset for success.

We don’t just teach wrestling here. We use the sport of wrestling to teach our young people how to take OWNERSHIP of their lives, stay FOCUSED on their goals/purpose, and EXECUTE relentlessly to achieve the success that they desire.

Our wrestling system is a SCIENCE. You will not find a more organized and effective system when you buy into our culture. Everything is thought out and done with purpose. Once we have built into our wrestlers the SWA foundational wrestling skills & principles, our “smart” curriculum organically evolves with our wrestlers based on their performance indicators.

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We take our training very seriously and we expect our wrestlers and parents to respect that. This is the WRONG sport to be ill-prepared for. Our team is a family. Our wrestlers, parents, and coaches care about each other and provide a massive support system. We are very demanding of our wrestlers and parents. Many of our wrestlers train and compete year round and we have figured out how to maintain balance and enthusiasm to prevent psychological and physiological burnout.

There is no coddling allowed on our wrestling team!!!!! As a parent, you must be ready to begin giving your child independence the moment you sign up for our program. That means holding our wrestlers accountable, NEVER protecting them from failure and/or consequences, NEVER allowing our wrestlers to blame anyone but the mirror for shortcomings, creating separation during practice and competition, and forcing them to take responsibility for self care AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (more on this in About Us).

This is the BEST sport to develop independence and life skills IF that process is executed properly. That’s what we do best here. What we are accomplishing is far superior to the sport. We are using the sport of wrestling as a vehicle to teach young people the life skills and more importantly, the HABITS that will help them find fulfillment in life and become successful assets to themselves, their family, and their community.
If we’re on the same page, come execute the process with us! We are building the future one young wrestler at a time!

Spring Wrestling Program

Welcome to Scanlan Wrestling Academy’s Spring wrestling cycle for youth and middle school wrestlers!!!  This is a critical time to be building the right habits and techniques to ensure long term personal success in this sport.

We have a very close knit group and preserving our culture is a high priority for us. We will be accepting a large group of new wrestlers this season. It is important that we operate in the wrestling room as a well oiled machine so that we can make the most of every training session.

In order to do this, and to ensure that no wrestler gets left behind, we have created a separate group and developed a system for all wrestlers new to SWA. We are very excited about this because it is going to lay the foundations for our wrestlers to excel at the highest levels for years to come.

If a wrestler truly does want to go into their Winter wrestling season prepared, the necessary work in the off-season is where to accomplish that. This sport can be very fun and rewarding, but it must also be taken very seriously. We (you and our coaching staff!), as these young people’s adult leadership, must understand the importance of being prepared, and the consequences of being ill-prepared.

This is truly a team effort. The younger the wrestler, the more critical it is to build relationships, cohesion, and focus among “The Unit.” The Unit is the Wrestler, the Wrestling Parent, and the Wrestling Coaches. This is also the time to build habits that will produce success and teach mental toughness through responsibility and ownership.

We run closed practices (no parents on the wresting floor) to help our young wrestlers develop independence and ownership, to help our wrestling parents create space and allow the wrestler to take control of their own career, and finally to help our wrestlers FOCUS because we do demand a lot of our wrestlers.

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Features & Info
  • Roster Limited to 35 wrestlers
  • 12 week training cycle: March 22 – June 11
  • 3x per week training: Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 3:45 PM
  • Location: Double Phoenix (45714 Oakbrook Ct. Unit 160 Sterling, VA)
  • Competition Schedule
  • Goal Setting
  • Strength training worksheets

If you have the desire to make rapid changes in your performance to further your wrestling career, it is imperative to compete. Each wrestler’s goals should reflect their actions including where and how often they compete.

Here is our current Spring 2021 wrestling tournament/duals schedule:

  • VACW Grade Level States: March 20 @ VA Beach
  • Tyrant Columbus Open: April 8 @ Manheim, PA
  • Freestyle Brawl: April 17 @ VA Beach
  • MIDDLE SCHOOLERS ONLY: NHSCA Individual Nationals: April 23 - 25 @ Virginia Beach, VA
  • ELEMENTARY ONLY: Freestyle Tournament: April 24 @ TOP
  • Tyrant Crusade Open & Duals: May 7 & 8 @ PA
  • War at The Short Folkstyle Nationals: May 22-23 @ Wildwood, NJ

Out "smart curriculum" has shown superiority over the years. It gets better every year as we continue to get more parents to help us out and work together cohesively as "The Unit."

Through our system of film analysis and data gathering, with the help of parents who fill out the data sheets and upload the film for our coaches to study, we are able to create the most accurate curriculum that pinpoints exactly what we need to work on.

Our proprietary system is unmatched. We look for extremely specific performance indicators that tell us when it is time to shift the curriculum. The shifting of our curriculum is accurately designed to continue slowly sharpening the skills we just increased while rapidly increasing the next set of skills that our performance indicators tell us are needed to improve.

We have used this system to build individual state champions, state championship teams, and nationally recognized wrestlers. When all 3 parts of The Unit meet their responsibilities in our system, unprecedented progress is made.

Focusing on our performance indicators also helps our wrestlers focus their efforts both in training and competition towards improving their performance indicators rather than bearing the pressure of winning. Winning is very important, but to focus on W’s and L’s as the main reflection of performance at this stage of development is not a great way of producing longevity for a successful career of high performance.

We will be gathering data and keeping track of our wrestlers’ performance indicators to measure progress. Every year we gather data to make our training more effective and efficient. Accurate data collection is critical to improvement. Everything we do has a scale to it and will benefit any level of experience. Our curriculum combined with our relentless culture will take any wrestler as far as their mental limits reach.

Fall Wrestling Program

Info coming soon….

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Features & Info

Info coming soon….

Here is our schedule for the 2021 Fall Training cycle. National team members are expected to compete for spots on the dual team prior to the duals:

  • August 14 - SEPA Round Robin @ Newtown, PA
  • August 28 - SEPA Round Robin @ Newtown, PA
  • September ? (TBD) - Super 32 Early Entry @ VA
  • September 11 & 12 - Battle at the Burg @ TBD
  • September 25 & 26 - Journeymen Fall Classic RR @ Spooky Nook, PA
  • October 2 & 3 - I64 Duals & Open @ VA Beach
  • October 9 & 10 - Columbus Day Duals @ York, PA
  • October 16 - SEPA Round Robin @ Newtown, PA
  • October 23 & 24 - Super 32 @ Greensboro, NC

As mentioned above, our curriculum is purely based on the performance indicators specified in the training cycle based on the level of performance of our wrestlers. This helps our wrestlers focus their efforts both in training and competition towards improving their performance indicators.

We will be gathering data and keeping track of our wrestlers’ performance indicators to measure progress. Every year we gather data to make our training more effective and efficient. Accurate data collection is critical to improvement. Everything we do has a scale to it and will benefit any level of experience. Our curriculum combined with our relentless culture will take any wrestler as far as their mental limits reach.

Winter Wrestling Program ’20-’21

This is our exclusive program with a hard registration cap of 45 wrestlers. If you have never been with us before and want to be accepted to join our roster, please contact our training director, Dan Scanlan directly. We will also take referrals from our current team members. Otherwise, you must have trained with us in at least one of our off-season cycles to make our Winter team.

Our Winter program has a very densely organized competition schedule. We include both local and National level competitions for all skill levels. This year, we will be offering strength training on the days that we don’t wrestle. There will be two separate registrations for either BOTH strength and wrestling, or JUST wrestling. Our strength program is capped hard at 20 wrestlers and we will not be taking anyone that isn’t on our wrestling team.

Please take a look at our schedule and mark off the dates that you will be planning to attend. Our grand finale that marks the end of our Winter training cycle is VAWA States. It is absolutely essential to make it out to this one. It helps our kids set their goals and understand where they are in the mix of Virginia wrestling. It also helps them build team identity and cohesion as we will be working together as a team for placement.
Check out the features and details to the right and our competition schedule below. See you on the mat!!!

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Features & Info
  • Roster limited to 45 wrestlers!
  • Must be a referral OR have trained with us in the off-season (if you’re not either of those, contact Dan Scanlan directly)
  • You must be selected for this team through various criteria. Specifics of that will be released to those who apply
  • Wrestling Training 3x per week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM @ Top of the Podium
  • Strength Training 2x per week: Tuesday, Thursday @ 5:30 PM to 7 PM (this is optional and reserved for the first 20 that opt to register) @ Tru=Strength (Ashburn)
  • Goal Setting
  • At home strength training program

We have an excellent mix of local, travel, and national level tournaments that we will be going to. Here is our competition schedule for the Winter '20-'21 wrestling cycle:


Our curriculum cannot be matched! Due to the stage of development that our wrestlers are in, the first part of our curriculum will be continuing to hammer foundational proficiency that will lead to the habits, instincts, and skills to produce long term success. This is so important, and we have it down to a very specific science.

Our operating procedures include high level data collection of performance indicators that allow the second part of our curriculum to be administered with pinpoint accuracy to maximize our wrestlers development. This requires work on our wrestlers and parents part!

After every competition, we will send out a Match Day Stat form to fill out. This needs to be filled out very accurately so that we can draw accurate conclusions that shape our curriculum along the way. This, combined with the endless hours of film study that our coaches put in, creates the most specific and effective curriculum possible.

Take the Journey with us!

See you on the mat!!!!

Youth / Middle (K-8) Wrestling Program

People About Us

Wonderful program. If you are serious about improving as a wrestler, this is the place to go. I had two wrestlers that improved 100%, they didn’t even look like the same wrestlers. It teaches so much about discipline and dedication. Amazing program, and on the plus side my one wrestler lost almost 40 pounds with the help and encouragement of Dan and The Professor. It was tough, but both my wrestlers will be going back again.

Robin Beasley

Amazing program! My son has become a better wrestler 100%. Dan’s training goes beyond just wrestling and conditioning. He shows each kid how to take responsibility for their own actions. Honestly wish I would’ve enrolled my son in his program earlier.

Lynda Phuyo

For those who take wrestling seriously, making the choice to train with Dan is the only way to go. With discipline and hard work personifying his program, Dan’s focus on conditioning and effective technique enables his wrestlers to perform at their best on the competition mat.

Karen TerHaar

This is the best training around for beginners to very high level advanced wrestler’s. Coach Scanlan knows wrestling and what it takes to reach the highest levels in the sport. He can take wrestler’s of every level and make them better on the mat and off the mat as well.
This program is the best around for any wrestler who wants to improve and be the best they can be. If you want to be a State Champion and or wrestler in college, or just improve your skills to the highest level, this program is where you want to be. Thank you Coach Scanlan for making this program possible!

Jack Creamer

Over the five years that my sons, Zak and Cole, have trained with Dan Scanlan, they have completely transformed into confident, extremely fit young men.  Right from the beginning, everything clicked.  They loved the intensity Dan brought to training and worked hard to meet his goals.  In no time they had mastered proper technique and were getting better at an amazing rate.  It was a perfect match.

Gabby Depasquale

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